To Russia We Go…

On March 19th, we got THE CALL that we had been given a “referral” for our Russian adoption. In adoption lingo…that means we had been matched with two little girls from Kaliningrad, Russia that are available for international adoption. The next day, we accepted the invitation to travel and the past week we have been busy gathering legal, medical and travel items that we needed to complete before boarding the plane to Russia.

Over the last week, it has been so wonderful to share our exciting news with so many people and to feel their love and joy for us and the two children that God has for us. We can’t thank everyone enough for their prayers and love on behalf of all four of us.

This blog is still a work in progress (we just set it up today), but we hope to work on it more as we travel and use it as a way to keep in touch with everyone that has poured so much love and support into this journey with us! So…if you would like…come along with us as we make our first trip to Kaliningrad, Russia! Here is a basic overview of our schedule for our first trip:

Saturday, March 31st/Sunday, April 1st: Fly STL to New York, New York to Moscow and Moscow to Kaliningrad

Monday, April 2nd: Visit the Ministry of Education and receive permission to enter the orphanage. MEET the GIRLS!!!! Meet with the Orphanage Director

Tuesday, April 3rd: Vist the girls.

Wednesday, April 4th: Vist the girls.

Thursday, April 5th: Make our final decision on whether to accept our referral for the girls. If we accept, try to set up a court date/dates for our 2nd trip.

Friday, April 6th: Not sure.

Saturday, April 7th: Fly to Moscow, possibly get a tour of Moscow.

Sunday, April 8th (Easter): Fly from Moscow to New York, New York to STL and drive HOME!


14 thoughts on “To Russia We Go…

  1. Fantastic idea with the blog – we’ll be anxiuos to hear how things are going! Sending loads of prayers your way for the new journey ahead of you both! Enjoy every second of it.

  2. So excited for all of you ! Not just you four but the extended family as well. Can’t wait to see pictures. God has great things planned.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about your journey and keeping you close in prayer!
    Kris, Scott, Drew & Korinne

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated. We have been thinking about you. I can’t wait to see pictures. Don’t forget your extra camera batteries and cards!!
    Pam, Dave, Callie & Claire

  5. So happy for you guys, and so excited that you started a blog! It will be so fun to follow along. We are praying for safe travels!

  6. YEHHHH!!!!! So proud of you for getting this set up – like you guys have nothing else to do – BLESS YOU!! So excited! Just wanted to let you know our Heavenly Father has been petitioned (repeatedly I might add:) for a cushion of calm, hedge of protection, travel mercies, strength, wisdom, and Christian forethought in accomplishing the tasks set before you. God Speed – in the processing of paperwork and bringing your girls home! Asking for His Continuing Hand of mercy, love and grace over EVERY aspect of your adoption journey – He has brought you so far already!!

  7. We love you guys and are so happy for you! God answers prayers and we are so thankful He has these two little girls for you to meet. We hope all things go as planned and you can enjoy this day you have been waiting so long for. Prayers coming your way….all the way to RUSSIA!

    Court, Brad, and Landry

  8. Brett and Amanda, we are sooooo excited for you all. God is filling your lives with such blessings!! Can’t wait to meet the two new members of Central Christian Church! Love ya lots and praying for safe travel. God Bless!!

  9. Glad to hear you have landed safely, in Moscow. Sorry to hear about the 5 hour delay. Maybe you can take little snoozes, while you waiting for your next flight. Hang in there, you are almost there. Love Mom

  10. Hey Lessleys! We are so excited to hear of your journey! We are doing the same thing, adopting from Russia. We have not been over there yet, so you’ll have to tell us all about it. We hope to have our first trip in May. She is 2.5 and is in Vladivostok Praying for you guys

    Neil and Dana

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