Day 2

Well, it is 9:50pm and we are sitting in an Internet Cafe with a bunch of gamers.  Our laptop battery is low and we don’t have a three-prong voltage reducer.  So the hairdryer is good, but no laptop at this point.  Our driver Sasha is on the hunt, but I’m skeptical we will find a solution here.  If we were in Moscow our chances would be better.

We’ve visited with the girls and they are very sweet.  Today was actually our first day with one of the girls as we spent half a day Monday in three different government offices.  One we visited to simply to sign a piece of paper.  Gotta love administrative duties!

The girls are in two different orphanages.  One is about 1/4 mile from the Baltic Sea and the other is in the city of kaliningrad.  They were together previously, but the older girl was moved due to her age.

We appreciate your support and continue to need prayer as there is a lot to process.


7 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Oh I’m so thankful to hear an update. I’ll be able to relax a little knowing that you’ve met both of them. I was tickled at picturing one so close to the sea. We’ll continue to pray for you. Are there any specific needs at this point?

  2. Thanks for the update! I’ve been thinking about you guys so much! Very sweet picturing you meeting the girls! Sending prayers…..and hoping you’ve been able to use your Russian words you’ve learned 🙂

  3. Was so relieved to hear your update – had a feeling it was some sort of connection problem, Immediate concerns? – I’d say a three prong voltage reducer. 🙂 In the works!! At least you’ve got the paperwork started, and have seen the girls once. Are you learning any Russian? Working on a little YouTube video instruction here – what fun!! I have found it rather challenging to say the least!! Not an easy language to learn – I’m sure it has nothing to do with this old brain!! Love and Prayers to you all….

  4. Mike and I have never been on the computer so much, each time we pass the computer we stop log on to look for updates. We are just simply covering you all four in prayer and giving it all to God. In his Hands, Mike & Vickie

  5. Will definitely continue to lift you all throughout the days that follow that God smooth the path ahead of you.

  6. You are both in our prayers…woah…you are all four in our prayers. Can’t wait to see the girls. Next time you stay at our house you can use two bed rooms! Larry & Grace H

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