Day 4 with the Girls

We had sunshine today…so we are back at the Internet Cafe (last night we didn’t walk here, just did a short update from the lobby with our almost dead laptop).  We had a very busy day today. Visiting both girls takes up a lot of our day (which is wonderful), but today we also had to meet with the Chief Doctor of this region and sign papers to present for court today. It was a wonderful and overwhelming feeling to sign documents saying “YES, I want to adopt ____”! Tomorrow will be our last visit with the girls and we will also appear in the court. It sounds like we will not find out our court date tomorrow and that the earliest possible time for our 2nd trip and court hearing will be June because the judge has off the month of May. June seems like FOREVER to wait and come back to see our girls, but God has carried us this far…we trust Him to help us and the girls until we can return. Okay…enough about the details of our day to day…here is a little bit about the girls:

Big Sis: Last September, she was moved from lil’ sis’ orphanage and separated from her. The caretakers at lil sis’ orphanage have told us that big sis was quite the hostess and helper, especially to her younger sister. Also, when we show her pictures of lil sis, she definitely remembers her. It has been so fun to see her warm up to us. She loves our attention and today we really got her giggling and playing. Brett did airplane and lifting games with both of the girls and they loved it! We have had fun playing puzzles, coloring, reading books, playing toss and cuddling (more so today) with her. One of the highlights with big sis was yesterday when she came in the room, she ran to me and gave me a big hug! Also, the orphanage psychologist was gone earlier in the week and she didn’t know about us. Earlier yesterday, when she was meeting with big sis’, big sis’ said that her mommy and daddy had come to see her and that they would take her home! This was HUGE! No one had called us mommy and daddy and we had not communicated that to her at all! Yesterday and today we go to see her playroom, bed and eating area. Big sis’ is definitely more shy of the two girls and she takes some work to open up. She is delayed in speech overall and especially with us, but today we were really into playing and she started talking more on her own.

Lis Sis: We have had one less day with her, but she is also progressing in her comfort level to us.  Some of her expressions just crack Brett and I up! Lil sis was more open from the beginning and quickly let us pick her up, etc. We were told by her caretakers that she likes sweets and that she can be a little stubborn! She has been very talkative and has even started repeating English words that we have told her. We have played outside with her two days (not yesterday with the snow). The first day they told us that we could help her get her ready to go outside. I proceeded to put her coat on and zip it all the way up. Then I put her hat on and scarf….but the doctor quickly came over and secured her hat more and wrapped her scarf tighter. They are VERY strict about having tons of layers on the kids and having them bundled up really well. I felt like a derelict mother! Anyway, lis sis loves the tricyle….that will definitely be on our list to get! Today she loved getting lifted by Brett and holding both of our hands as we walked around. She copies things that we do and seems excited to see us. Today we gave her a little toy rabbit and when it was time to go back in the orphanage, we went upstairs to help her get her 20 million layers of clothes off and she had a death grip on the rabbit….she was not letting it go! It was cute.

We thank God for answered prayers. I will admit this week has been rough, but yet very good. We have prayed for years that our children would have good caretakers and that they would be open to us…that has definitely been the case with our girls. We have a long and hard road ahead, but we continue to trust God will be our help.

Just being here has been an adventure. We continue to soak in the city of Kaliningrad. Our shoes (tennis shoes) give us away as Americans and all of the women wear 3 inch heals plus! One day on the way to big sis’ orphanage we saw a cow in a SMALL grassy median. He barely had enough space to turn around. Also, Kaliningrad is full of German influence. The city was part of Germany until after World War 2 so there are many buildings and architecture left.

Okay…gotta go! Tomorrow is our last day with the girls. Thank you again for your love and support! We love the comments!



27 thoughts on “Day 4 with the Girls

  1. I am so so so happy for you guys! I know tomorrow will be tough to say goodbye, but just remember that you will soon have them forever 🙂 Praying for all four of you!

  2. SOOO good to hear from you and learn more about the girls. They sound precious — so excited to be their auntie! I was happy to hear that you are getting more than 3 visits with them. I know you are cherishing every minute. I loved the bunny story! I hope everything at court goes smoothly tomorrow, and pray that your ‘see you laters’ go okay. Much love to all of you!

  3. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for all 4 of you!! I check email even when I’m home – knowing you just may post something and I don’t want to miss a single thing!!! I can’t wait to meet Big and Little Sisters, as I know they are to be SUCH a blessing to all who will know them. I’m sending much love across the miles to you both – I’ll continue to pray!!

  4. Such a blessing to hear about your time with the girls!! Yes, this is going to take some time but you guys know what waiting is all about!! Take Care and God Bless!!

    Laurie & Scottie

  5. Enjoy hearing about you and your girls. June will be here before you know it!! Still praying for all of you!!

  6. So happy, and thrilled, that the girls. are already, calling you Mommy and Daddy. Sounds like, you have made a big impression on them. Sounds like they are a perfect match for You & Brett. Remember, your not saying goodbye, they will soon be with you everyday. Just keep up your Spirits. Love Mom

  7. Praying and thinking of you each and everyday. We so love the stories you are sharing. I can’t wait to see you.

    Roger and Patti

  8. Great to hear all the good news. We check this sight lots of times every day to see if there is anything new. Still petitioning our Father for all of you! As my good friend KSW says, “It’s all good!” So looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing everything, but more so looking forward to when you can bring your girls to their “forever home.”

    Mike and Vickie Knepper

  9. I am so glad all is going well. You four are in my prayers daily, looking forward to seeing you and hearing your stories. You need to tell that judge to postpone his vacation because there a grandpa back hear that can’t hardly wait to meet his two newest granddaughters. Stay strong , love you.

  10. So glad for your updates. The girls are so blessed to have you both! Printing off your entries so everyone can share your excitement and adventures! So looking forwatd to meeting your daughters! God speed!

  11. We’re glad for you and pray for you every day. Time crawls when you want it to move quickly, but June will come. God might be teaching you to be patient, because you need that as parents. God has brought this far, He will help you through the rest of the way. God bless you, you will make wonderful parents. Dale and Sandy

  12. Glad to hear things are going well. June sounds like a long ways away. Time crawls when you want it to move quickly, but June will come. God might be teaching you to be patient, because you will that to be good parents. You will make wonderful parents. God bless you Dale and Sandy

  13. We are so happy for you guys!!! Kierstyn can not wait to babysit them at church. Prayers going that June well get here fast. GOD IS GOOD!!!

  14. Congratulations Mommy & Daddy! So happy for both of you and for the girls and the ways God has prepared each of you for this time. I believe that God is giving the girls confidence and trust in you. Praying for peace until you see your daughters again. Thank you for the blog, it is exciting to share in your journey.

    Lynn told me I would cry when I read this- she was right! Happy tears- can’t wait to meet our new little cousins!

    Love and continued prayers.

  15. I know the joy and happiness that fill me as I read your blog. I can only imagine the joy and happiness you both feel. Praying for you all.

  16. Like so many others, we are soooooo happy for you and can’t wait to talk to you. Thank you so much for updating and allowing us to be there with you. Big sis and lil sis don’t have any idea how blessed they are about to become. Safe travels home!

  17. It is such a blessing to hear all about your growing family and I can not thank you enough for letting us be a part of it. I am an emotional wreck as I’m so happy you have had multiple visits and such sweet memories. I am praying for you today as you have to say goodbye. What a precious time this is. Safe traveling, friends!

  18. Oh Amanda and Brett – this is just so sweet to hear! I’m just overjoyed to hear about the girls and your bonding with them! God is amazing and has truly blessed. Safe travels 🙂 Love ya!

  19. We’ve loved the updates and are so happy for you guys. I can’t wait to meet my new nieces!! Will pray for safe travels as well as much needed rest for both of you. Thanks for sharing the stories. Love you.

  20. I’ve been anxiously checking your blog to see how things are going, and I’m so excited for you guys that you’ve had such good visits with the girls and they are taking to you so quickly. =) And don’t worry about being a…how did you say it?…’derelict mom’? We all have those moments when someone thinks we’re not doing it quite right, but that’s how you learn, right? =) June does sound like a long time from now, but I bet it will be flying by with all the preparing you will be doing for your daughters’ arrival home. If there is anything I can help you with, I would be so glad to do it, and if you want to know what life is like with 2 1/2 and almost 4 year old girls, we can talk anytime!! Love you guys and still praying!

  21. Thank you for sharing you journey with us! We love reading your updates! We can’t wait to hear more and see pictures if your beautiful girls! God is so good! Safe travels home! Love ya!

  22. Brett and Amanda,
    We love to read/hear about your journey. What an exciting time for you and your family! We are looking forward to seeing you guys and hearing more of these delightful stories. We pray for continued good news and safe travels for you. Again, so happy for all of you!

  23. May God give you a safe flight back home. May your flight back to Kaliningrad to bring your girls to their new home be soon and safe also. You are already sooooo many steps closer to the blessings of your own family.
    Dad and Mom love you always

  24. Soooo Exciting! What a fantastic way to spend a day! How special those girls are – but what should we expect – they are God’s creation placed into some of the most amazing “soon to be parents” hands – and to think He’s had this planned forever -“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”
    I can’t imagine how many more great things God has planned for all of you. Hope you’ll allow us to share in ALL of them!!!! (OH – so many “aunts and uncles”! 🙂
    Can’t wait for you to bring them home! Safe travels – see you soon! Love and Prayers!

  25. I just read this update today. Such great stories! I love picturing Brett playing airplane with them! Will continue to pray for you all as June does seem so far away. We’ll definitely have to plan a trip to Newton this summer to meet them! Elena is excited that they are girls. 🙂

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