May Flowers

I was so excited a couple of days ago when my peony finally started blooming. The flowers just make me smile when I look at them. They also remind me of Matthew and Rebecca – our sweet siblings. They got married eight years ago on the beach in May with pretty pink and white peony flowers.

As more and more flowers bloom and our little garden is planted, I am reminded that this is MAY and summer will be here quickly. We have signs of summer inside our house too…

Quilts for the Girls

In this new season of waiting, I am trying to appreciate each day and enjoy quiet moments…because I know that they will be far and few betwen when the girls are home, BUT I still struggle daily. We try to remind ourselves that our week in Russia was not some dream and that our little girls are very real. I can say that our love for them continues to grow even in our absence, but other things become harder. We left Russia feeling like their mom and dad and now I find those words hard to process when I say them or someone mentions I am a mom now. I love the girls and we are geting things ready to bring them home. When we talk about future plans for this summer and years beyond, the girls are at the foremost of our thoughts and plans, yet we have NO control over their daily lives right now. We can’t comfort them when they are sad or scared, we can’t make sure they are getting enough fruits and vegetables, we can’t read them a book and watch their little minds grow…so it is hard to hear I am a mom when I don’t get to do any “mom” stuff right now, but then I am reminded of my Heavenly Father. He is always with me through His Holy Spirit. I can’t seem Him, but yet He is a huge part of my daily life. So, we continue to sow prayer upon prayer for the girls and I think it is in those moments that I feel most like a mom right now…praying for the two precious girls that God has brought into our hearts and hopefully soon, into our daily lives.

Another uncertainity that has been looming before us is our court date. We had been told that June 18th was a possibility for court, but that we needed to get some additional papers together and get them back to Kaliningrad before the judge left for her May vacation. Well, we just found out yesterday that our papers made it last week, but the judge was out sick all week, so we have no confirmation or news. This week everyone in the courts is out for the Russian Holidays (May 1 – Russian Labor Day/Beginning of Spring and May 9 – Victory Day (Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany). Our agency rep in Kaliningrad is going to go back to the court next week and see if she can find out anything about our court date, but the judge is supposed to be out all this month, so we are not expecting to hear much. We probably will not know more until June, but we are still hoping and praying that in June (or sooner) we will get confirmation on June 18 and be able to book our travel plans.

One month ago today, we said good-bye to the girls in Kaliningrad. We are so thankful for that week and the work that God did in our hearts. In a matter of days, He took our fears and turned them into His peace and love in Kaliningrad. We are also so thankful for our friends and family that have rejoiced with us this past month and continue to pray for our family. We look forward to the day when we can share them “in person” with you all!


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