Court Trip Dates

We have our official travel dates for Trip #2. The trip is actually a little longer than we were anticipating. The judge is requiring five visits with each girl before court. Orphanages have a morning visit time and an afternoon visit time…leaving us only able to see each daughter once a day (although, we are really hoping for one day where we can get them together). The best part of it all…three weeks from tomorrow we will be playing with our girls!

June 09 – leave US, arrive in Moscow on June 10

June 11 (morning) – medical in Moscow

June 11 (evening) – leave Moscow, arrive in Kaliningrad

June 12-June 16 – visits to the orphanages (the times of actual visits will be determined by the orphanages’ schedules).
June 17 – orphanages are closed, down day in Kaliningrad
June 18 – Court in Kaliningrad
June 19 – leave Kaliningrad, arrive in Moscow
June 20 – leave Moscow, arrive in US.
Now…we need to work on travel arrangements and visa applications! It will be alot easier this time, since we just went through making arrangements and the visa applications.

2 thoughts on “Court Trip Dates

  1. So happy the details are falling into place, and that you know when you will hug your little girls again. I continue to pray for you and your journey. Love you!

  2. Reading your blog brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am so excited for both of you, but also excited for those two lucky girls who will get such wonderful parents.
    God Bless you as you travel.

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