Happy Memorial Day!

I am excited for this long weekend and looking forward to having the Ruizs at our house! I just checked and our highs here this weekend will be in the 90s, but our girls will be experiencing highs in the 60s! They say it is going to be a hot summer here, but we are going to need to keep some of our cooler weather/spring clothes out since we will be spending good portions of June and July in Russia.

I do have a couple prayer requests. We booked our international tickets earlier this week and got our business visas processing. The first request is a little glitch with our visas. Our agency didn’t provide the right wire number so there is a little bit of a delay. We pray that this will be quickly and easily resolved on Monday.

The bigger prayer request has to do with our trip details. The Russia government just announced yesterday that they plan to expand their normal ONE day Independence Day celebration on June 12th to a FOUR day celebration leaving all places closed on June 9, 10, 11 and 12. This is the first time ever this has happened and was completely unexpected by our agency. This messes up our plans including getting medicals in Moscow and the five required visits with the girls before court. We are trying to work on some options…all of which will cost us expensive changes to tickets and/or additional in-country travel. The extra expenses is one concern, but much bigger than that is figuring out a way to meet our court requirements. We are hoping to have more information on Monday to make a decision, but we would appreciate your prayers.


2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Praying for each of these details and for peace in your hearts!! Love you and hope you had a nice visit with Israel, Marietta and Brett.

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