A Traveling Trip

We got an update on our Court Trip today and an updated itinerary. Our agency has confirmed that we will be able to visit Big Sis during the holidays and we are still unsure about Lil Sis, but we can double up on her visits later in the week to still reach the required five visits with each child. We are so thankful that our plans are “confirmed” (at least for now:)!

June 9/10 – STL to Moscow to Kaliningrad, Russia

June 11 – 12 – Visit Big Sis in the morning and afternoons (maybe Lil Sis too)

June 13 – Visit both girls

June 14 – Fly from Moscow to Kaliningrad, get medicals in Moscow and fly back to Kaliningrad (full day!)

June 15 – 16 – Visit with the girls

June 17 – Father’s Day and down day in Kaliningrad

June 18 – COURT

June 19 – Leave Kaliningrad, arrive in Moscow

June 20 – Fly home

I love being able to say…”we are leaving next week”!


One thought on “A Traveling Trip

  1. Glad it seems to be working out!! Hopefully the visa ‘hiccup’ is resolved. How exciting to know that you are almost there with them again! Love you.

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