Happy 4th Birthday Big Sis!

The girls are never far from our thoughts and hearts, but today was extra special because it was Big Sis’ 4th birthday. It is bittersweet. Sweet because all birthdays are to be celebrated and bitter because we were not able to spend the day with her. I spent a lot of time today thinking of future years and future birthday parties. May 30 is a day that now has so much meaning to our family.

We hope and pray that her caretakers and friends made her feel special and celebrated today. We took the picture above so that some day she can see how much we loved her even before she was home. She turns four today…four years that we have missed, yet I know that we have been praying for her and her sister for years before she was even born. Her life is not beginning when she gets home with us and we will always recognize the first four years of her life and the people that helped shape those years…but we also know that God has always intended for her and Lil Sis to be our daughters. God adopts sinners into His family at different ages and once you are a child of God, your identity is in Him. We look forward to the girls knowing they are Lessleys, a permanent part of our family and we pray that they would know the joy of being God’s children as well.

Brett finished painting Big Sis’ bed so we set it up tonight and put her bedding on. I guess you could say that is our birthday present to her for this year.

We love these girls so much and we are so excited to see them soon!


3 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Big Sis!

  1. Happy 4th Birthday Day Big Sis, Love You From A-Far “Ma-Ma”. God Has Given You A Great Big Gift, A Mommy & Daddy. This 4th Birthday Will Always Be The New Begining For You. Wishing You Hugs & Kisses.

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