Heading Back

Tomorrow is the day that we have been waiting for since we arrived home on April 8th. We are headed back to Kaliningrad, Russia! Thankfully, we received our visas yesterday! Praise the Lord!

I remember the tears on the way home and the emotional and even physical aching that I felt those first few weeks after our first visit in Russia. I didn’t know how I would make it to the second trip, but God has sustained us and continued to give us His grace and perseverance in this process. We are 99% excited to see the girls and a little nervous because of the time that has gone by and to see their reactions to us (or lack of).

The past week has been busy, but amazing. We had two AMAZING showers and so many friends and family literally POURED out their love for us and the girls through gifts and love shown at our showers. I keep telling myself…soon our girls will be home wearing these clothes, using these items and playing with these books and toys! Oh my…what joy lies before us…but we also know that we must continue to seek God, our source of strength and trust in Him! Not just in getting the girls home, but also in raising them to know Christ and love and serve Him all the days of their lives!

Well, I need to do one last check of our suitcases! We have all the needed items (hopefully) to keep our blog going while we are gone! Thank you so much for praying and cheering us on while we are gone!

We will arrive in Moscow around 10:00 AM Sunday morning (1:00 AM CST) and then go to a hotel for our 9 hour layover before heading back to the airport and making the final leg of our journey. It will be an added expense, but it was so hard to stay in the airport last time and we have a longer layover…so we made the decision to get some rest and get a hotel for a few hours.

Also, Brett has been battling a cold so we would appreciate prayers that it would get better and not worse. We love you all!


9 thoughts on “Heading Back

  1. Full of Joy!!!! Praying for Brett’s cold….he will be there on Fathers Day! Well, I cannot possibly sum up things I want to say. Just know we love you and are praying for all four of you.

  2. Hey guys! Been thinking and praying alot this week! So excited for your trip and your time with the girls! God has chosen you to be parents to His children! What a Blessing!! Have a wonderful trip and just think, next trip is the one to bring them HOME!!! God Bless You All!!

  3. Amanda & Brett,
    Praying for God’s blessings to enfold you with safety and good health on this journey. Praying for your little girls to be surrounded in God’s peace and to have His assurance that you come with more love than they can imagine.

    What perfect timing He’s shown with those visas – thank you God!

    With love,

  4. Brett and Amanda, lots of thoughts and prayers reaching out to you today. Hope the flights have been good and Brett is feeling better. Stay strong and trust in Him, those precious daughters will be blessed with two awesome parents soon!

  5. Our thoughts and prayers are with you once again (or actually still with you) on this next step in your journey…The pieces seem to continually come together. May the blessings just keep coming. Looking forward to hearing more exciting news!
    Hope Brett is feeling better very soon! And, Happy Father’s Day to Brett!
    Be safe in your travels…Enjoy those precious girls!!!

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