It is 9:30 p.m. tonight. I think jet lag is hitting us, especially Brett. Thankfully, he held on okay today, but tonight he is feeling the pressure and weariness from his sinus infection. We woke up to wet streets from overnight, but we enjoyed sunshine and beautiful weather all day.

The highlights of our day were definitely our girls. We are so thankful for each of them…but we are learning how different they are! We love it. The morning started out with Lil Sis. We went directly up to her wing of the orphanage and I heard her voice on the other side of the door before we saw her. She was quick to give hugs and she definitely referred to us as MaMa and Papa (Russian for mom and dad), though that is how her caregivers refer to us. We all headed outside. The first thing Brett and I noticed was how much she had grown! I think she grew a couple of inches. She looks great, but it made us a little sad that she is continuing to grow up without us…but not for much longer ;)! We played bubbles, read books, chased her on the tricycle, played kick and ball, walked around with her, watched her enjoy the pair of sunglasses we gave her and spent a lot of time holding her or picking her up in some capacity. She is so much fun, but we also experienced our first moments of challenges and rebellion from our Lil Sis. There were puddles of water in several spots and we had asked her not to go through them. What is the first thing she would do when we were not looking…run through the water! Also, a few times she was trying to get the ball in the water, even though we asked her not to. Also, we found out that since we have been gone a few times when she has been disobeying her caregivers, she will tell them that her mom is coming to take her home (implying that she doesn’t have to obey). Oh my! Both of the girls see us at this point as the “fun” people, so we will have a road ahead of us in becoming their discipliners and authority, but all in time. Okay, enough about that! I don’t want to sound negative towards her, she was an absolute delight and we actually were glad that she is testing us a little bit…it shows how comfortable she is with us! She had a bit of a black eye today…we can only imagine how hard it is to keep the kids from bumps and bruises when there are so many! She just LOVED our attention and cuddles! She also repeated a few English words…”again” when Brett would be lifting her and when we were reading a book, she would say rabbit, instead of the Russian word! Here is our Lil Sis:

Lil Sis playing ball

This afternoon we headed out to see Big Sis. We also went directly to her wing of the orphanage since the main office was closed for the holiday. She was very shy at first, which we expected. She walked down to the playroom with our interpretor and it took a good 15 – 20 minutes for us to get her to warm…but thankfully, she did and we had a great visit! We were left alone with her in the room and later we went outside with her. While inside, we colored, played with stickers, played ball with this neat spongey ball we brought (it was a gift), played with the princess cellphone (another gift), read a book, did puzzles and then went outside. While outside we played with bubbles, kittens (there might be hope for Biscuit), and on the playground. Big Sis is so sweet! She can be VERY shy, but when she opens up, she is so much fun. We loved seeing her smiles and hearing her laughs today. We did notice right away that she had a bad bruise on her head that looked like it had stitches. I just hate that we were not there to comfort her. You can see it below:

Big Sis’ Ouchie

Big Sis did a lot better today with talking. When reading a book together, we would ask in Russian, “What is this?” and she would reply. Also, she talked while playing and did better answering our interpretor. All good signs! We ended the day on a good note with hugs. We can’t wait for tomorrow. Here are a couple pictures of Big Sis:

Daddy and Big Sis on the Slide

Mommy and Big Sis Reading


6 thoughts on “Reunions

  1. Sounded like a great day and child rearing learning experience. I’m sorry about their bruises and scrapes. I’m sure you hated to see that. We’re so thankful the trip went well and hope Brett gets some rest and recovery–and hope you don’t get worn down, too. You all are in my constant thoughts and . . . .

    Wonderful news here–we got rain today. 3/4 to 1 inch!
    Love, Mom Charlene

  2. Even though you all do an excellent ob of hiding faces!), we can all “see” and feel the love on those pictures! God is good! We are so thankful for the updates and can’t wait to meet those little sweethearts ourselves one day…soon! We continue to pray that God breaks any barriers during this trip. I think you all have earned a smooth trip:) We love you guys, be safe!

  3. If they’d like a couple of kittens of their own once you get them back, just say the word. We should have a batch just about weaned in little over 2 months… 🙂

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Praying for continued blessings! Thanks for sharing your trip and the special time with your girls.

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