Much Ado About Nothing…

So it is 6:15pm here in Moscow.  We are thankful the medical exams are done so now we prepare for court.  The medical exams were rather humorous.  We bought two additional round trip tickets for Moscow due to the holiday and dropped 50,000 rubles on the table to basically have five different doctors come into the room take a look at us, glance at all our U.S. medical reports and then sign our “Official” Russian Medical Exam stating that we are generally healthy and have no communicable diseases!  We just thought you all may appreciate the peace of mind knowing that you have been working/playing with us on a regular basis.

Another interesting tid bit that both our parents will enjoy is that Russia has been notorious for poor airline safety records recently.  So we aren’t sure whether it is due to excitement or relief, but every time we land the passengers erupt in applause!  Our last flight was a rough landing and everyone was clapping before we even had a safe touch down.  I guess they were just willing the pilot to keep it on the ground!

We ate well today, having McDonalds for dinner.  Some good American comfort food was overdue and it was convenient on our way to the airport.  And just in case you are wondering, a McDonald’s cheeseburger, fries and coke taste just as good in Moscow as in St. Louis or Effingham.

We are looking forward to getting back to Kaliningrad tonight and seeing the girls tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing…

  1. We Love reading your blog and getting all the details. Prayers for all of you. Sending our Love!!!

  2. Love reading the updates! We can even picture you guys telling us this in person! Sending good thoughts and prayers for the rest of your visit, the court date, and safe travels.

    Brad and Amy

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