So today we were back to the regular routine visiting Lil Sis in the morning and Big Sis in the afternoon.

Yesterday, I downloaded two Russian children’s songs on our iPod.  I’d heard some of the children singing when we arrived at Big Sis’ orphanage and thought the songs may help the girls on our last trip home.  So I tried one of the songs on Lil Sis this morning and discovered we have quite the music lover!  She started swaying back and forth and doing hand motions immediately.  We weren’t ready for her response and wish we would have had the camera ready for her.

Big Sis had a rough start to our visit today.  It was the first time we saw her cry.  We’ve concluded she was overwhelmed by all her peers telling her we had arrived and she didn’t know how to handle the attention.  I let Amanda comfort her and she slowly calmed down.  This of course happens on the day a social worker is visiting to see how we are doing with her who will be at court.  Needless to say, we were rather self-conscious during our visit with her.  It was difficult to connect as we had several different ladies in and out of the room while we were visiting with her.

We ventured out more in Kaliningrad this evening and found a really great toy store!  Amanda keeps telling me I can’t buy the girls Transformers or Star Wars figures so we settled on Play-Doh.  I think it will be really good for Big Sis.  I’ll sign off and see if Amanda wants to add anything.

Additions by Amanda – Yesterday and today’s posts were by Brett! I didn’t want him to miss out on sharing ;)! He summarized our visits really well. Lil Sis dancing and Big Sis crying were definitely the moments that touched my heart the most today. I just can’t get enough of these girls. It was Wednesday night when I was trying to go to sleep and yesterday while we were away that I realized how much the physical ache is back and how hard it is going to be to leave them again. In my mind I know that it will be just a month or more and then, God willing, we will have them in our home for many years, but my heart and emotions just can’t hardly handle another separation.

We will see both girls tomorrow (Saturday) and Big Sis on Sunday…then court on Monday. We will be meeting to prep for court tomorrow too. Gotta go…internet time is running out! Love to you all from Russia!


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  1. We’ll be thinking of you two as you prepare for court on Monday! We know that everything will work out for you guys. Thanks for keeping us updated! We love hearing how your days go.

    Caleb & Kimberly

  2. Reading your story about the music reminded me of when my brother and sister came home to us from Korea. They were four and six years old and we had some Korean music on tape that they absolutely loved and must have known from the orphanage. I remember them sitting on the floor together and singing along while doing all of the motions and dancing around… all in Korean! We had no idea what they were singing about but it was so fun to watch them. It won’t be long and your two little ones will be singing and dancing around your house in Newton!! 🙂 Continuing to think about you all and praying for you here in Watseka.

  3. A music lover in the family? That is great! Brett can play his guitar with her (and maybe Amanda can clap along with the beat!) 🙂 Hope that brought a smile to your face! We miss you guys around here, but so happy to hear that you are enjoying your time with the girls! Praying for blessings the rest of your trip!

  4. Praying for God’s Grace to be with you guys. Just knowing the emotions that your journey evokes in me, I can’t even fathom the ache and the range of emotions that you all are experiencing. What an amazing chapter you all are writing in your legacy story. I am reminded of the saying my mom always says “from the foundation of the world our Heavenly Father knew this moment and orchestrated our lives to meet this moment”. I am thanking our Father for his plans that he knows for you guys. I feel so honored that you are sharing this very touching part of your lives with us. Sending hugs and love your way.

  5. God keeps bringing you all back to my thoughts and prayers lately! For reason! You all have so much going on! Happy Father’s Day tomorrow Brett! Hoping today’s visit was worry and tear free for all! I know that must have broke your heart! Just remember, soon you’ll be their parents rain or shine, happy or sad, in season or out of season. There is a time for everything! We can’t wait to meet your little girls! Praying for God’s guidance and peace for court Monday. 🙂 He alone has brought you to this– and He alone will bring you through it. Trust in Him.

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