Back Home

We are back home and hoping for a good night’s rest. 

Regardless of our feelings, please pray for two little girls in Russia who are at-risk once again.  The judge has opened a door that would eliminate the opportunity for us to adopt the girls or anyone else for an extended period of time.  Please pray that between now and July 10th that the door would be closed without any action taken by the involved party.  If the door closes, there is the possibiity for us to return for two more trips (another cout trip and a trip to pick up the girls). If the door remains open and action takes place before July 10th, most likely (almost for certain) we would not be able to continue the adoption of the girls.  We are trying to hold onto hope knowing we have a heavenly Father who delights to settle the fatherless in homes (Psalms 68:5,6).  We would continue to value your prayers for both the girls and us.


23 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. My heart is so heavy for you both…Words cannot express… My commitment is to pray – God is faithful, this we know…but life sure can be tough. Standing with you…

  2. All of us here at PSB are praying hard for your little family!!! We hope that God will lead the courts to the right decision.

  3. We love you all and are always in prayer! God has a plan for your lives and it is far greater than anyone on this earth can come up with! Hang in and hang on! God Bless!!

  4. Our hearts are hurting for all of you. Praying for God to move in a mighty way so that you can continue with the adoption and the girls will be safe and secure. May God surround you with His perfect peace as you wait on Him.

  5. I can’t express the sadness and hurt we have for you..prayers are always with all of you. We need to talk soon, sending you hugs!!

  6. Amanda, we are praying for you and your girls with fervent prayers that God will intervene and bring about His perfect plan.

  7. Yes, do try to rest your bodies, emotions, and minds. You have done all you possibly could, and we know our Lord does not forsake us and those we love.

  8. I haven’t read your blog for a few days,so was sooooooo sad to catch up. i’m glad you got home safely, but i cannot imagaine your pain and am sending you AND the girls hugs and prayers. my fingers and toes are all crossed for you.

  9. My heart breaks for all of you. Still praying for God’s will, If there is anything we can do please let us know. Sending hugs and prayers to all 4 of you.

  10. Our hearts ache for you both – will certainly be praying. He already knows the outcome – and it will glorify Him.

  11. My prayers are with you and your girls. God is all-powerful. My heart goes out to you during this time. Love you.

  12. Praying for all of you! I know the heartache and confusion you are feeling right now and am praying for your family’s happy beginning! Your faith is great, keep trusting in it!

  13. Brett & Amanda,
    Praying for all the things you and the girls need right now – peace, courage, faith- trusting God to give them.

    Know that you are surrounded in prayer!

  14. I just caught up with your blog, and my heart is aching for you right now. Our prayers and thoughts are with all four of you!

  15. I promise to pray for the girls, and this situation. My heart aches for you both, as you patiently endure this trial. May our Lord hold you both close, as you wait and trust in Him.
    Sending you love and prayers/

  16. I just caught up with your blog and it is heartbreaking news. I’m so sorry to hear about the situation at court. Praying for all involved and trusting in the Lord and the plan he has for you and the girls. May you both experience his comfort and peace beyond measure. Love, Elisa

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