A Mountain–removed

The last two weeks have been…difficult.  Our adoption agency had no words of comfort or hope.  They were helpless as we were to the decision of a single judge and just as saddened by the risk the judge was exposing the girls to.  They simply said to pray for a miracle.

In this situation, we found ourselves trying to hold onto What (the Gospel) and Who we knew to be true, despite the harsh realities and scary odds.  We knew that God shows compassion to the weak and needy and that He is a defender of the fatherless and widow (Deut.10:18).  And we knew that He does not promise to keep us immune from trouble; but simply says, “I will be with you in trouble.”  We experienced this promise the past two weeks in many ways.

Yesterday we received a call from our agency.  The individual who had previously signed a document intending to pursue legal rights to the girls had a change of heart.  This person has now signed a full release to all potential legal rights and the adoption can move forward!  This is nothing less than a miracle. 

Thank you to everyone who has prayed on our behalf and for the girls.  I don’t think we will ever know how many people fervently prayed, but we hope that they are blessed to know their cries were heard.  How wonderful to know that man may do his worst, but even the king’s heart (or a judge’s or anyone else’s) is in the hand of the Lord (Prov.21:1).  We are so thankful that when we were weak, needy and powerless to act that God has showed Himself strong.

We will be leaving on Saturday to head back to Russia for court and will hopefully have official approval on July 10th.  This time next week we should be hugging our girls. This simple fact, brings us to our knees. As long as things go well, the girls should be home by mid to late August!

Praise be to Him!

Words cannot express our thanks,

Brett & Amanda


20 thoughts on “A Mountain–removed

  1. My heart cries tears of joy. So happy that you received your miracle. Can’t wait till your family is complete and home. Travel safe and our prayers will continue with a thankful and joyful heart.

  2. Praise God! I, too, am crying tears of joy! So happy for your blessing! Our prayers for you and your girls will continue as you take this next step. Safe travels to you and lots of love on your journey!

  3. from cheryl weber gambill on jill’s computer. GOD IS SO GOOD TO US. i do believe in miracles and we got one again. amanda and brett, you are so amazing. we are all blessed to have you lead us in the example of prayer and faith. THANK GOD.

  4. This world can be so hard and unfair, but God intervenes as
    His love comes personally flooding into our lives and fills our deepest needs. We praise and thank Him for His mighty work!

  5. Amanda and Brett,
    Celebrating with you this gift from God. Praying that the time until you’re with your girls is short. I’ll keep praying!
    My love to all four of you!

  6. All praises to our loving God. He is always there for us. Praying for safe travels. We cannot wait to met these precious girls. This is the best news I have heard for along time!!

  7. Praise God for His mercy, love and compassion. Not only for you but for your girls as well! So so so happy for you all.

  8. THANKS BE TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!!!! Our prayers have been answered! Soooo happy for all of you!

  9. Prayers for a safe trip and a reunion with your girls. Praying that all 4 of you will soon be together safely in the US.

  10. This is wonderful news! Prayers for safe travel and until those little girls are safe in your arms in their new home! Those little girls are truely blessed to have you two as their parents! Take care

  11. Rejoicing!! We love you and are filled with happiness! Praying for safe travels and a smooth journey from here.

  12. We are SOOO happy to hear this wonderful news!!! We’ve been praying for you and will continue to do so as you head back to Russia. You guys are awesome and we’re asking for God’s richest blessings for your family!!!!

  13. Tears of joy…….Thank You Lord……You two take care and give those girls hugs from us all!! Will anxiously await your return……Love and continued prayers….

  14. We are so happy for you! We do have an awesome God! We will continue to pray for you and your safe journey! We are so excited to meet the girls!

  15. Awesome news! We are so happy for you two, big Sis, little Sis and your whole families! May His journey for you continue to be positive with no more mountains to overcome; and not end until you have your precious daughters at home snuggled in their beds! Good luck and safe travels! We’ll keep praying!

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