Trip #3

We are so thankful for the outpouring of support and rejoicing with us the last couple of days! We are still in awe at the miracle that God has performed on behalf of the girls and our family!

Our bags are packed and we are leaving town. Tomorrow we will begin our third trip to Russia. It is going to be a quick trip, so the traveling will seem longer…but it is so worth it! We don’t have much of an idea of our schedule…we just know that we are scheduled for court on Tuesday, July 10th. We should arrive in Kaliningrad late Sunday evening. We are hoping to see the girls on Monday and Wednesday and then we fly out early on Thursday morning.

We continue to covet your prayers for court and the rest of this process. It will be hard to step back in that court room in front of the same judge, but we trust in Him and have His peace.

We have treasured each hug with the girls so far…but I don’t think any will be sweeter than the first time we seem them next week!


10 thoughts on “Trip #3

  1. God will be with you and help you persevere. Nothing is impossible with Him. Lindsey and Ben and Vicki all send their prayers. They sent gifts for the girls!

  2. We’re so happy for answered prayer!!! I’m smiling as I picture those first hugs with your girls that you weren’t even sure you’d ever get to see again. Enjoy your time there with them and know that we’re praying for you in Watseka! Will be praying especially for your court day on Tuesday.

  3. God is so good…..even though we don’t always agree with His timing, we know in the end it is perfect. Can’t wait to meet your girls. Be safe on your journey…….Jerry

  4. Father God first of all we say THANK YOU for clearing the way for these girls to become a part of this family! We ask that you continue to have your hand on every minute detail of this situation! We know that Brett and Amanda will lead these girls to you as they grow and learn. So we also lift them up to you – for all the changes they will see over the next few weeks and months. We ask for safe travel and open doors and hearts. Finally, we again say thank you but this time in advance for always listening to us and knowing what is best for each of us…. Your adopted children!

  5. When you see that judge again – picture him under God’s thumb, and Big and Lil sis held in God’s hands:) – we know who’s in control……….And we second everything Teresa wrote – Love and Prayers……

  6. Praying for safe travels. Give the girls all the hugs you can. Will be praying on Tuesday as you go to court.

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