Moscow Airport…Again

I love the word “again” because it was our Lil Sis’ first English word :)! One more plane, bus and car ride and we will be back to the Moscow Hotel in Kaliningrad. It has been a long trip…longer than usual, but there has been so much grace. We are so thankful to be heading back to court and back to our girls. We are not sure what tomorrow will hold for us in Kaliningrad, but we hope it will include visits with the girls. Thank you for your continued prayers!


7 thoughts on “Moscow Airport…Again

  1. We will pray that all the happy memories of Kaliningrad with the girls will push out all of the uncertainty you might be feeling. We pray that this trip is truly the start of your life as parents raising these precious girls to know the God who worked miracles for them! Always praying….Love you guys! Jenee,Brett, & all

  2. So excited for you to see your babies again! Prayers for safe journeys and court goes well! Praying for you all 4 to be home safe, soon, and Happy!

  3. I’ve been thinking and praying for you both all day today! Hopefully, by now you’re both in bed sleeping! Can’t wait to hear the good report at the end of Tuesday! Blessings!!!!

  4. Continuing to pray for all four of you… a smooth court date, a great visit with each sis, safe travels, restful nights and for more miracles!

  5. We will missed you at church yesterday, but I want you to know your church family had you both and the girls in our hearts and prayers. I just checked Russia time. I am sure you are trying to get rest before your important day tomorrow. Know you have our love and prayers šŸ™‚

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