That seems to be a “buzz” word these days. While we are not prepping for a disaster, we are prepping for a huge life change – our two daughters! After almost 9 years of marriage, nothing about our home or lives has been geared towards children…but that is all changing. This summer we have been blessed with three wonderful showers and countless gifts for our girls and home. So…what have we been up to the last three weeks?

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We just have a few days left before we leave. Honestly, the last three weeks have seemed endless, despite our busyness. We are ready to get the girls home and no longer wonder what it will be like, how they will do, how we will manage as parents…we are just ready to get started living the life God has called us to as a family of four! Of course, we are nervous too! We are first time parents and feel overwhelmed, but yet such a peace and confidence that just as God has seen us through this process, He will equip us and be our strength in parenting.

We are so thankful for all of your prayers and support!


4 thoughts on “Preppers

  1. We couldn’t be more excited for you! We are praying for smooth travels, peace-filled hearts and the happiest of memories. No doubt, you will make wonderful parents! Love, hugs and best wishes!!

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