Ready, Set, Go!

We are officially ready…well as ready as you can be for parenting! The house is clean (as clean as it is going to get). Our house has toddler friendly items for the bath, play, sleeping, eating, etc. Our bags are packed full of little girls’ outfits, toiletries, shoes, etc. We are worn out (even this is getting us ready for what lies ahead).

We found out today that we should be picking up our daughters on Monday and have them with us the rest of the week! Starting out parenting in a foreign country and different hotel rooms will be quite interesting. We hope and pray that we are able to comfort and help the girls through this HUGE transition. We know that there will be some hard moments, hours and days…but we are so thankful that WE get to be parents to THESE two girls…the daughters that God has blessed us with!  We would appreciate your continued prayers! Here are some pictures of all that is waiting for our girls at home. We ordered some artwork for the girls’ room that hasn’t arrived yet and need to make some finishing touches, but it is ready enough.

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9 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Love the pics! Everything is beautiful…so happy for all of you! Praying for the four of you as you continue this wonderful, miraculous journey!

  2. Luv, Luv, The Girls Room. I like the word message on the wall. Great Job !!! I know they will feel like little princesses. Its going to be a great journey, this time, with lots of good memories, to cherish. Just be patient, for the transition, and give lots of hugs and kisses, along the way. Get home quickly. and be safe. Love Mom

  3. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know I’d be so excited to see your girls room!! I love being able to picture you bringing them home to such a cozy and welcoming space. You are going to be amazing parents. Can’t wait to laugh with you over your stories. God bless your traveling!

  4. Oh my goodness! I LOVE their room, Amanda & Brett! So, so, so cute!! I’m praying this is the BEST transition in the history of foreign adoptions! God has brought you to such an amazing place – I’ll be thinking of you all, (and praying!) all next week!! 🙂

  5. What a beautiful place for your girls. I know it’s a place where they’ll feel safe and cherished and loved. I thank God for soothing fears and worries. Have two little girls ever been so loved and prayed for as yours?

    Praying for smooth travels for you all.

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