Arrived Safe & Sound

We are in Kaliningrad. Overall, it has been a good trip except our stroller didn’t make it (we filled out a lost baggage claim and hope it will arrive tomorrow) and when we got to Kaliningrad some things were not as we expected, but we are again reminded that we have to be flexible and this week is just about getting the girls home. Our interpreter, Natasha, is on vacation so we will have another interpreter during our time in Kaliningrad. We are bummed that we will not see Natasha again and also that she will not be with us tomorrow as we pick up the girls. Over our previous three trips, she has done an excellent job interpreting and interacting with the girls. Oh well, we will have to get used to communicating with the girls without her.

Anyway, after a hotel room change and quick trip to the market, we are eating a light dinner and hoping to get some good sleep this evening!

Tomorrow is THE day! We are so excited and nervous! We look forward to sharing names and pictures of the girls soon!


10 thoughts on “Arrived Safe & Sound

  1. Yes, just so the girls are ready for you. You can adjust to other adult changes! Hope the stroller is found, but if not, be ready for a lot of carrying. It was so great to see you Sat. We’ve been thinking of you all weekend. Tomorrow–names and more photos. Hurray. Love you all so much, Mom & Dad

  2. I check your blog DAILY for any and every update! Very excited for you all, can’t wait to see those faces and hear the names!! Congratulations!!

  3. So wonderful to hear your updates…sorry about the stroller and interpreter, but you guys are strong and able to overcome anything! So excited for tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Been thinking and praying for all of you. The girls will be so excited putting on their new clothes and venturing out with mommy and daddy! Wishing you a very smooth few days as you start your first days as a family. You are ready and no matter what the next days bring (stroller or not) you and the girls are in the best hands anyone could ask for! We love you!

  5. I have had butterflies all last night and today knowing the adventure that you are on. So excited to see this next step of your destiny. Can’t wait to “meet” the girls and hear their Lessley names. Blessings and hugs!

  6. We are so excited, I can’t imagine how you and your family must feel at this time. You are such a precious family of four. God’s Blessings….now a safe trip home for all.

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