Adoption Day

Here are a few more pictures from yesterday…

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7 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. Aww!! Great Pictures. It seems yesterday the both of you kicked-in full gear of parenting, and Luv the picture of Brett and Lydia, watching a movie on the Laptop, First Daddy moment with his Little Lydia. Also, Luv the picture of Lydia and Nora together, sharing “Sister Time ” before going to bed. What a moment for both of them. Today, will bring new adventures, for all of you. Try to get some sleep tonight. Lots of Hugs & Kisses To Lydia & Nora,
    Love Mom & Ma-Ma

  2. Love the pics! Big smiles…so happy for all four of you! Praying for continued blessings during your time in Russia and a safe trip back home!

  3. What an amazing journey thus far, but truly your journey is only just beginning! So happy for all four of you!!

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