Day Two

The girls are sound asleep and we pray they stay asleep. Last night they slept through the night…they chatted with each other and woke up off and on…but just to move around or to fall back asleep. They are sleeping on a sofa sleeper and it is sooo cute to watch them cuddle with each other! Our first day was so amazing and the girls were not upset leaving the orphanages and had very few upsetting moments the whole day. They just enjoyed each other and us. Now…of course there were a few confusing times, etc…but they were so resilient. Today was another good day, but I think some more reality set in for us all. They did well playing together, but they also started competing over my attention more, which is hard. We are just trying to do our best and love them through it all! Eating has been an adventure. We are very novice at this whole parenting thing…then add in us IN Russia trying to get food and feed two toddlers…but I must say…we are getting through it and for those of you that know me…I WAY underestimated the number of wipes (and pull-ups) I would need!

We got the girls down for their afternoon nap today, but then we had to wake them up after 45 minutes to make an appointment for the girls’ birth certificates. They sat with us for almost two hours at a government office waiting. Again, for two toddlers they did AMAZING! We are adults and we were struggling with waiting! Tonight Lydia had a few tears when we were saying good night so that was hard. The girls LOVE bath time and so far we have done pretty well on most things, except for I keep forgetting to brush teeth before bed. We did it this morning, but I will have to work on that more!

Their looks are priceless. They crack us up several times a day..even when we shouldn’t be laughing or encouraging them. They are also doing great with talking (Russian), especially Lydia. She has talked WAY more in the last 24 hours than she ever did on our visits. Overall, they are just more comfortable now…it is totally God working in all of us!

Tomorrow is a big day. We have paperwork that has to get done (it almost didn’t make it today which would have caused changes in all flights, etc.). Then we fly to Moscow! Parenting in a hotel is one thing, but we were very nervous about flying with them. Thankfully, this first flight is just two hours. Also, our stroller made it today!

Okay…I will leave you with a few pictures! Thank you SO much for all of the congrats and sweet comments!

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9 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. I am so happy for the new parents, grandparents and darling little girls. They are beautiful!! I think they have your hair, mom.

  2. I cry every time I read your posts and am so happy for you guys. The girls expressions are so sweet; they know they are well-loved! I see you found cardigans and jean jackets for them! Adorable! And of course they have their leggings on 🙂 They look like little Amandas! God has blessed you beyond measure and it so good to see the joy after such a long journey! Blessings and sweet sleep to you all!

  3. It has always been great to read your updates, but so much more fun now that we can see the girls’ faces and they have names and smiles and cute matching clothes and they are together as sisters should be. 🙂 So fun and what an experience for all of you! Thanks again for sharing so much of your journey with us. Glad the stroller made it, although if they are anything like our Betsy they won’t stay in it very long. 😉 Love you guys! Praying for a smooth flight and more good days ahead.

  4. Sounds, like Lydia, is feeling more comfortable, about you two as her Mommy, and Daddy. I have to chuckle, at all her Talking. Because Amanda, you use to be the same way. From the time you got up until the time you went to bed. Ed nicknamed you “Chatterbox”. The pictures show so much, and how Happy The Lessley Girls are. Luv The Jean Jackets, and Fushia Pink Skirts with the black leggings, and hats to match. Mommy has the Fashion down to every detail. Great Job You guys. Have a Good Nights Sleep, and Sweet Dreams of tommorrow. Love Mom & Ma-Ma

  5. Oh my goodness, I am so thrilled for all of you! Your family is so darling and I love the girls’ names! Many blessings to you all. Enjoy every second! :0)

  6. Oh Amanda, they are so beautiful! So glad you found them little jackets :). Love their sunglasses. What a treat it has been to see all of your beautiful smiles! Praying for the remainder of your trip and for safe travels home! We can’t wait to see you all! Xo

  7. They are so cute! I’m so happy for you. Thanks for sharing the journey. I’ve enjoyed reading along and look forward to more updates as you adjust to all these great changes 🙂

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