Cars, Planes and Buses

We have arrived in Moscow! This will be short because it is after midnight here and we just got the girls’ baths and put them to bed. Again, we praise God for his goodness and the ways only He is helping us all. I am thrilled to report that after mid-day Lydia had no more vomiting and Nora shows no signs of sickness. The girls did great on the trip to Moscow. It was so fun to see Lydia’s excitement over the airplane. She is old enough to realize what is going on. She sat by the window and just took it all in. Thankfully, Nora did well too. Towards the end of the trip it was getting hard to contain them, but again…such troopers our girls are!

It was so weird to leave Kaliningrad for the last time. We feel such an attachment to the city and have spent many hours walking around. Also, I got a little emotional leaving our agency rep Natasha and our driver. They have done SO much on our behalf. Natasha bought the girls amber bracelets (90% of the world’s amber is mined in the Baltic Sea by Kaliningrad) and a neat magnet for Brett and I. It was so sweet! We have her email and also emails for the girls’ orphanages and they will all be awaiting pictures and updates (in addition to the mandatory reports for that we are required to do for three years).  Anyway…Moscow feels one step closer to home. The city is big and unfamiliar to us…but the hotel is MUCH more American with things like air conditioning, comfy beds, English speaking staff, etc. Tomorrow we have a doctor coming to the hotel for the girls’ medicals and then Friday we will have our embassy appointment. If we think the girls are up for it, we might try to take them to the Red Square tomorrow. It is about a 20 – 30 minute walk from our hotel. Also, we are thankful for the stroller. Both of the girls do great riding in it. It has been a big help with Nora to keep her more contained. Okay…good night all!


11 thoughts on “Cars, Planes and Buses

  1. So glad Lydia is feeling better! And you arrived in Moscow safely! I can imagine that it would be hard to leave Kaliningrad & the people you have connected to! I love reading your blog updates, thanks again for including us on your journey. God is good!

  2. I heaved a sigh of relief when I read that Lydia is feeling better and Nora is hanging in there. Thank God! If at all possible don’t miss Red Square. It is one of those places that photographs cannot capture. Be well and enjoy the rest of your journey. Hopefully the most difficult bits are behind you.

  3. Glad the girls are feeling good! I wonder if you are at the same hotel we were at? The Marriott? It was about 20-30 min fro Red Square! If so, send me an email. There was an Italian place we really liked to eat that was around the corner from the hotel I can tell you about! Blessings!

  4. So glad to hear Lydia, is feeling better. Sounds like The Lessley Girls enjoyed, their plane ride. Thank-Goodness, they will be getting looked at by The Doctor tomorrow. Maybe he can prescribe something for Lydia’s Congestion. So that she is more comfortable on the next very long plane ride. Get a good-nights sleep. Thinking About You Four All The TIme. Love Mom

  5. Vomiting is the worst! I think we’ve discussed that before, Amanda. If you can handle that then you’re well on your way to successful parenting! 🙂 Glad it was short lived and that Lydia is feeling better. Praying for health and safety for the rest of your trip!

  6. So good to hear that Lydia is feeling better. We just absolutely love reading all your updates. Thinking of you guys all the time…continuing to pray for all four of you and your journey HOME.

  7. We are so glad to hear that Lydia is feeling better! Those girls aren’t letting you ease into parenting, are they?!?! I’m sure you handled it like a pro. I look forward to reading your updates and am praying for a safe journey home!

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