Embassy and Pictures

Our embassy appointment went great today. There were only three other families so we were in and out of there in 30 minutes or so. We have lots of important papers with us now! So much to keep track of…two little girls, important papers, our luggage, etc.

After that our driver took us and the girls to Red Square and we got some pictures. The main part of Red Square was blocked off and bleachers were set up. I am thankful that we got the whole experience back in April walking up and down the main area. We had lunch back at the hotel and the girls are laying down for a little bit. We are hoping for an early bedtime tonight because our driver will pick us up at 7:00 AM tomorrow for the BIG trip! Anyway, I thought I would do a little picture catch up.

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12 thoughts on “Embassy and Pictures

  1. Another step closer to being home….Praise the Lord! And I think the Lessley girls are the best dressed in all of Russia!

  2. Very Nice Pictures, of all 4 of you. “The Lessley Family”. Looks like Nora & Lydia, are good eaters. Amanda & Brett, I can see The Love and Compassion you have for your Girls. Also how they have opened up and is pouring out their Love to you. You have done a Great Job, in this situation. Godspeed on your trip back to The USA. Love Mom

  3. Love the pictures! We’ll need to replace the picture of you and Brett on our fridge with one of all four of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Brett and Amanda, thanks for including us in your amazing journey to parenthood! It has been so touching to witness every step…including all the setbacks and watch as your faith, love and determination prevailed! It is Proof that God works his miracles in many different ways! We can’t wait to meet those beautiful little angels that were sent to you! Praying for a safe and easy travel back home! See you soon…mommy and daddy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love the photos; thank you so much for posting. I was thinking how beautiful, Amanda with her daughters and it’s just making me cry…happy, happy tears! So grateful for God’s goodness and so happy for you all. Wishing you wonderful days ahead. Congratulations Brett, Amanda, Lydia and Nora! Welcome home!

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