Week Two Continued

Wow! What a difference a week can make! We all made a lot of progress during week two. The girls are doing much better with Brett and new people. We enjoy learning more and more about them each day. Lydia is our helper, caretaker and little boss sometimes too. She loves helping fold laundry, care for her baby dolls or any stuffed animal, help her sister (sometimes), watch mom cook and watch dad do anything that is new to her. She is also fearless when it comes to water, playing, climbing, etc. Often times, I will see her give Nora orders. Lydia is very observant and is always watching what we are doing.

Nora is our fun-loving little sister. She wants to do EVERYthing that Lydia does and is also not afraid of much. She doesn’t get in a hurry about many things…especially eating. No matter what we do…she is always eating for 15 to 20 minutes after Lydia is done. She loves to cuddle, but only for a short time before she starts wiggling or wanting to hang upside down, etc. She also enjoys caring for her baby dolls and LOVES stickers and band-aids. While both girls are starting to repeat things in English, Nora seems to be the most interested at this point. She will also catch a few words from songs and of course, she still is saying “amen” when we finish anything (except for when we are praying).

Week two included lots of fun moments, including a special visit from our friends the Krugs.

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4 thoughts on “Week Two Continued

  1. It is so great, to see how Lydia, and Nora, has settled into their new lives. They look so Happy and they seem so full of Love. You and Brett are doing such a great job. Luv, Luv, all the Pics. Keep them coming. Love Mom & Ma-Ma From Maryland.

  2. The family picture is my favorite! Thanks again for sharing photos. So wonderful to see the girls happy and thriving as so many have prayed. I know this was a very special birthday Amanda! Have a wonderful week.

    Continuing with the prayers and thanking God for leading the way always!

  3. Competely overjoyed for the four of you!! Amen to the God who is faithful!! Your trust in Him alone, has delivered this joyful story in your posts to us all!! So very happy for all of you, and praise God for all His grace!!

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