Hello September!

This week started out big for us! Monday was Labor Day (and my birthday) so we decided to take a day trip to Fairview Heights and meet up with Brett’s parents and the Ruiz family. Thankfully, the girls did pretty well in the car and we had a nice afternoon visiting, playing and doing a little shopping. The rest of the week we stayed close to home. Our highlights included baking cookies with mommy, getting our nails clipped and toenails painted, helping daddy plant flowers, a couple hours at Grandma and Grandpa’s house without mom and dad…and getting to meet our Aunt Jill and play with Uncle Ross.

Brett and I both feel like this has been our best week yet. We have been working with the girls from the beginning to set tight boundaries, maintain consistent schedules and strict guidelines…all in a loving home. We have been told by professionals that our girls need these things to thrive and I really think that during our third week at home we are starting to see some fruit in this. Things that the girls would melt down about before, they don’t now. Also, they just have a better understanding of what is expected of them and the boundaries we are giving them. We all still have “mess ups” and “do overs” each day (including mommy and daddy), but I love seeing some progress! I think I am learning a little more to pick my battles which is helping me too!

The girls are definitely increasing their interest in repeating English and we find them repeating alot of words we say, a few words in songs and enjoying practicing numbers and letters. They still love to chatter and play in Russian, but we encourage them to do this! Lydia loves to talk on her “telephone” and we find her carrying on conversations for 10 minutes or more. She now answers her phone with “hello” instead of “privyet.” They also frequently say “all done”, “okay”, “oh my” and “lets go.” You don’t realize what words you use, until you have “copycats” around you all of the time :)!

They still LOVE taking care of their baby dolls, tea parties, dressing up and anything that involves daddy picking them up and running around the house!

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One thought on “Hello September!

  1. So glad to hear things are getting better each week. Thinking of you all quite often and continuing to pray for you. Love the pictures!

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