The weeks go by…

The last two weeks have flown by! We celebrated one month since our adoption day and one month home. The girls had many “FIRSTS” during these two weeks including doctor appointments, photo shoot, Wednesday night children’s program, fire/smores, parade and a festival. Brett and I continue to be so thankful that we get to experience so many firsts with them and just the everyday moments too. It truly is a privilege (and huge responsibility) to parent these two amazing daughters!

Brett and I can tell that the girls are understanding more and more English as each week goes by. They also continue to repeat more and more words and enjoy learning to speak English. We have also noticed that they speak more and more Russian to us as well. Just today after the parade, I started talking about the parade and they proceeded to tell me all about the parade. With my limited knowledge of Russian and their hand motions, I could tell that they were talking about the big bus, tractors, bands (including the flags, horns and drums), the horses and of course, the candy.

They are also doing better in big crowds. It has become their routine now to shake hands with people they are just meeting or don’t know too well, especially at church. If you approach Nora at church, you are sure to get a hand shake!

I already mentioned this, but I continue to laugh at myself as I hear all of the nuances and expressions that the girls are picking up from me. Anytime that Nora or Lydia would get hurt, I would say “I am sorry.” Now, anytime that Nora bumps into anything or gets hurt she says “I sorry.” Also, I must say “Oh no” a lot because anytime they drop something or something goes wrong, they say “Oh no”!

Lydia is our little “mom.” If I rub her back or stroke her hair while she is getting settled for a nap, she will do the same for her doll/stuffed animals. Also, their new game this week is putting their dolls/stuffed animals to “sleep.” They want to tuck the dolls in, turn off the lights, turn on the sound machine, pull down the shade and ask us to be quiet. It is all the things that we do for them. At one point, they were trying to put us to “sleep” but we had to stand our ground there! They are the kids and do not get to “parent” us!

As you can see in the pictures, they are also becoming our little “hams.” They are starting to like getting their pictures taken and enjoy seeing it on the camera right afterwards.

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4 thoughts on “The weeks go by…

  1. I wanted to share something re. language skills. I moved to Eastern Europe with my 11 and 7 year-old daughters. My youngest daughter’s (Erin’s) experience would probably be more relevant to your daughters’ experiences (with language development). We lived in a Russian community and within about 3 months Erin was speaking some Russian. From that point to becoming completely fluent happened almost overnight. Within a year, I was being questioned at a border, “Where did you get this child?” by a well-meaning border guard who heard Erin speaking Russian, did not believe that this obviously American woman (with horrible Russian language) could be the mother of this little “Russian Djevochka.” 🙂 You are in for some amazing adventures with this language thing. I’ll bet you, one day, you’ll walk into the room and they’ll be playing and speaking in English! It is so shocking how quickly it happens once the ball starts rolling.

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