We made our first trip to Sparta at the end of September. I (Amanda) had a two day work commitment in Maryville, so Grandpa and NaNa helped out with the girls. Brett got to tag along and be there for one of the days too. Although, we started out as a family on the road, I was a little nervous about our first overnights. The girls really did great…besides some struggles at bed time. They LOVED exploring outside with Grandpa and NaNa, playing with Jasmine the dog, playing down in the basement and a fun trip to town that included DQ, Mrs. Cusick and Great-Grandma Choo-Choo! We really are so thankful that the girls have been up for every new adventure! The girls still get out there suitcases all the time and talk about going to NaNa’s house. Thankfully, we have another trip coming up soon!

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