Hayrides, Haircuts and Helping Hands

We enjoyed two hayrides/wienie roasts this past weekend along with a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law. The girls were troopers and enjoyed all of the new experiences. Lydia and Nora also got their first American haircuts this week and we had a fun night with friends.

The girls instantly connected when we picked them up in Russia. From the start, they have done everything together and spend hours playing with each other. Like any siblings, they have trouble sharing sometimes or get aggravated at one another, but for the most part, they are two peas in a pod. We enjoy watching their relationship grow and strengthen. Lately, they have gotten into telling on one another (we are discouraging this), they also like to correct each other (we are discouraging this too and try to explain that is mommy and daddy’s job)…but they are also becoming more and more affectionate with each other. They like to hug and kiss each other good night, etc. Lydia is the typical bossy big sister, but she also likes to “help” Nora as you can see in the picture below where she is helping with her jacket.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen even more progress with language. The girls are working on their alphabet and know a lot of the letters by sight and can “recite” the whole alphabet. They are using a lot more English words as well. For example, in the past they would have said “slon” and now they say elephant. We were recently reading a book that has pictures of items and then the Russian and English words next to it. The girls used to always say the Russian word first, now they say the English word and in some cases don’t really remember the Russian word. It is bittersweet for us. We LOVE being able to understand them more and communicate more with them, but we will miss hearing their Russian chatter and be a little sad overall that they are losing a language. We are just at this weird in between time where they understand Russian and most of the English that we speak to them and they speak some of both languages. Little minds are just amazing!

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