Gobble, Gobble!

November 13th mommy started back to “work” (from my home office) two mornings a week. Lydia and Nora are going to Giggles N’ Grace during that time. We were a little nervous about the transition, but the girls have done really well and overall, they seem to enjoy “school.” They are in separate groups during this time. I think the time apart is good for them so they can learn to have their own activities and age appropriate learning. We have noticed a little bit more acting out and some new negative habits since starting daycare, but nothing alarming. We are trying to balance things out with some good chunks of time at home throughout the week and this seems to be helping.  Besides starting daycare, the second half of November was a busy month for our family, including a trip to Grandpa and NaNa’s house in Sparta for Thanksgiving. The girls love to be with our families and especially enjoyed “mothering” our nephew Antonio. They were both excited about eating turkey (they LOVE meat) and enjoyed pumpkin pie for the first time. We also got to see some special friends, the Newells, once over Thanksgiving weekend. Our hearts were truly full of thanksgiving and praise for all that He has done on our behalf this year!

IMG_7357 IMG_7370 IMG_7379 IMG_7391 IMG_7400 IMG_7418 IMG_7422 IMG_7426 IMG_7433 IMG_7437


One thought on “Gobble, Gobble!

  1. I love the updates! Sounds like you guys are having a great Advent season – so many exciting firsts to experience with your girls. We had so much fun meeting them and seeing you and Brett. It was such a blessing to meet the little ones that we had prayed for over the past years, and for our kids to see an answer to prayer that they had prayed with us as well. Can’t wait to get our families together again sometime! 🙂

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