Some thoughts…

As we celebrated five months home with Lydia and Nora last week, several facts hit me. Brett and I are so thankful and humbled that God in His mercy allowed our adoption to be finalized BEFORE the ban. We have even said, “why us?”…and “not those families/children”…but we just have to trust God and His sovereignty. We do know what it feels like to leave Russia having bonded, spent countless hours and fallen totally in love with two little girls, only to have a judge jeopardize the adoption and send you home with little hope (apart from God and a miracle) of ever becoming their parents. Thankfully, God did intervene where man’s justice failed and we received our two little miracles. Having said all of that, my heart aches for all of those families and children caught up in this mess. It is a very real thing when you walk into the orphanages and give an orphan hope of a mom and a dad. Having waited two years to receive a referral I also hurt for those families who have been in a paperwork marathon just waiting for THE CALL. I remember that time and you are invested…you have to be. Many of those families are left almost to start over. Adoption is adoption…but once you make a decision to adopt domestically, internationally and specific countries, ages, are invested in THAT adoption. You imagine those children…you invest financially in that process and you spend months and years working towards THAT adoption.

My second thought has been that we received our call for Lydia and Nora on March 19, 2012 and we brought them home from Kaliningrad August 18, 2012 (adoption day being August 13)…that is almost 5 months. I think of all that we have experienced with Lydia and Nora over the last five months…how much they have grown, learned and literally blossomed before our eyes. I know that it was only God that brought us through those months of separation last year and leaving our girls for three times before finally coming back on a fourth trip to pick them up. Brett and I are tired most days just from keeping up with the girls and trying to love and parent them. We have hard days and good ones too….but even in the really hard days there is an overwhelming peace that rests in my heart that didn’t exist when the girls were in Russia. I am so thankful for our daughters and God’s love for us growing our family through adoption. We feel so privileged to be their parents and we are forever changed. The Gospel has never been more real and beautiful to us.


4 thoughts on “Some thoughts…

  1. Thanks for sharing. Love all of the pictures from your Christmas adventures! I especially like the ones with the two girls holding the “real” new baby. They look thrilled!!

  2. Wow, Amanda, that posting is special….but so are you and Brett. I’m sure you hurt for those hopeful eyes you saw their that are now still hoping but, for now, not seeing potential parents coming by. How sad. Larry H

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