Winter, Winter

It feels good to know that it is March and soon winter will be behind us! Most of our weeks in January and February were pretty low key, except for a few outings and small trips. We stayed close to home due to frequent sickness. Nothing too major, but just your typical rounds of flu, fevers and lots of stuffy noses and coughs. Brett had strep this past week, so we are hoping and praying that the girls and I stay healthy and that is the last of sickness for awhile at our house.

We had sick times, sad times and many happy times in January and February. We said good-bye to loved ones, introduced the girls to even more family, watched the girls enjoy time with friends and embrace the joys of friendship (outside their twosome), spent more time working on “school” and academics, savored our conversations with the girls and their increased language skills, enjoyed short trips to Sparta and Chicago (the girls love going on trips) and overall just marveled at how much more “settled” the girls have become recently and how much more at ease we are as their parents.

For so long, I was gripped with fear and doubted everything I was doing as a mom. I just didn’t want to mess this up, mess up our girls. There are times where I wish I could go back to our adoption day and have the “fresh” start that we had. I wish I could take back all of the mistakes that I have made over the last six months, but I know that is flawed thinking. If we started over, I would probably make many of the same mistakes and even some new ones. We have all learned, lived and grown in our love for each other through the good and rough times. I am so thankful for God’s mercies and our girls’ unconditional love for us. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself and remember that last year really did happen and God has done immeasurably beyond what we could have hoped or imagined. Lydia and Nora – your Mom and Dad love you to the moon and back and thank God for you every day!


Uncle Matthew

Uncle Matthew

Fun with Friends

Fun with Friends

IMG_8201 IMG_8202

Making homemade apple pie

Making homemade apple pie


Enjoying Valentine's Day

Enjoying Valentine’s Day

IMG_8248 IMG_8258 IMG_8268 IMG_8270 IMG_8274 IMG_8300 IMG_8302

Visiting Great Grandma Farm

Visiting Great Grandma Farm


Great Grandma Farm

Great Grandma Farm

Lydia's First Tumbling Class

Lydia’s First Tumbling Class


One thought on “Winter, Winter

  1. Luv, Luv, All The Great Pics. I can see Lydia & Lil Nora have grown so much, and have grown into your lives. Just as a Family should. Never say, that you wish, you could start all over. You both are doing a great job. Thru Life, as your children are all Grown-Up, you look back then; and Wish, they were Little again; so you can enjoy the Fun you had with your children. Now is the time, in your lives, that you should embrace, and love every moment, and not worry whether, you are making any mistakes. Not one Parent is perfect, we are made in-perfect; God is the only one Perfect. He will be there along the way, to help. Love Your Mom

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