Remembering “The Call”

A year ago today, we received “the call” that we had waited and waited for. It was Monday, March 19, 2012. I was working from home and catching up after being out of town for our annual fundraising banquet. Brett had just been home for lunch and had returned to work. When I saw our agency’s number pop up, I didn’t automatically think this was “the call.” I had just taken papers for apostilling the week before and I assumed the call was about that or more papers needed. At that point, we had been registered in Russia and Kaliningrad for over a year, so we were constantly updating papers. Anna (our agency rep) asked if I had a minute and then told me she had good news. My heart started to race and that is when she said the words “you have a referral” (aka you have been matched with two children). They are two little girls that are 2 and 4. She proceeded to give us their birth dates and just a few tidbits of information. She explained that we had a couple days to decide if we would accept the referral and she would email over small pictures and a short page of information on each child. It was the moment we had dreamed of (literally) and it was happening. I called Brett and asked him to come home immediately. Thankfully, he works less than a mile from our home. By the time he made it, I had received the email and we were able to “see” our girls for the first time.





We looked over everything a million times, we prayed together and then we felt the weight of the world…or more like the weight of two little girls lives on our shoulders. We know many couples who had to turn down referrals because they didn’t match their preferences (medical concerns that were outside of what they included in their applications). We both had an immediate peace that these were our girls, but many fears still lingered. After work, we took a long walk and by the end of the walk, we knew both girls names – Lydia Grace Lessley and Eleanor Rose Lessley and decided that we would accept the referral. Later that night we began sharing the GREAT news with family and friends! When we saw how happy so many people were for us, we realized how much love and support there was already for our family of four. Two weeks later we would be in Russia meeting our girls.

One year later…today was an average day (with a special visit from some friends) for our family and now the girls are tucked in their beds and sound asleep (hopefully). They know home, they readily talk about “my daddy” and “my mommy”, they are best friends and sisters, BUT they also talk about “my Russia” and events prior to their homecoming. It is a a little reminder of how different our lives were a year ago and yet a testimony to how amazing and beautiful adoption can be. What a year it has been for our family! We praise God for our little miracles and for His grace and mercy!


5 thoughts on “Remembering “The Call”

  1. So blessed to be a small part of the journey from a distance. We talk to Nik so much about his “old dome (home)”, as he calls it, and his “new dome” and I am amazed at how far these kids have come. So glad our kids are home!

  2. Amanda, this is such a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. Your lives sure have changed and I’m so glad that you have your two girls! You and Brett have been great examples of the blessings of adoption to us…and we thank you for that! ~Melissa W.

  3. It is so neat to read about the day you first got the call. Such special memories. So happy for your family and for God’s blessings for you both and your sweet little girls. Can’t wait to see you guys again!

  4. Wow, you still bring tears to my eyes reading your blog! God bless your family. I am so happy that you are so happy and that two little girls in Russia found the best home ever. cathy norton

  5. We are so thankful for God’s gift -a blessing for the girls, a blessing for you and a blessing for all of us as we see your family growing together!!

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