What a Difference…

…a year makes! One year ago TODAY, we met our sweet Lydia. We were supposed to meet Nora that morning, but after spending our morning in government offices and meeting with staff at her orphanage, we were denied a visit due to nap time. Looking back, I am thankful that we got to meet Lydia first…she is our elder/first child :)!

We just got home from a great long weekend and Easter celebrations with our Lessley family. The girls had SO much fun and LOVE spending time with our families. More on all of that later…but here is a glance back to one year ago. I am so thankful for our brave and strong Lydia. She walked into the orphanage director’s office that day to a room full of adults. They sat her down and had her trying to interact with us and our interpretor. After a little while we went down to the therapy room and had time with her and our interpretor. We got very little eye contact, but lots of sideway glances. We did see glimpses of her pretty smile even that first day. It is hard to describe what it feels like to meet your child for the first time, knowing that your very presence brings fear, confusion and yet some joy. It is hard knowing that her life has been full of chaos, hurt, disruptions and fear and there is nothing you can do to change her past. Yet, it is so OVERWHELMINGLY wonderful to see and touch and hear (speaking Russian) one of your answered prayers. Lydia was a REAL answer to our (and many of yours) prayers. She was one of our miracles that at many times seemed impossible (all things are possible with God). It was so humbling and life-changing to meet one of OUR DAUGHTERS and literally feel God changing our longings and pain to joy. It would be five long months, four trips back and forth to Russia and many knee dropping/faith testing moments before Lydia would officially be our daughter, but April 2, 2012 was the day she stole our hearts forever more!


IMG_4378 IMG_4379 IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4390 IMG_4391 IMG_4395

…and Now…

IMG_8343 IMG_8457 IMG_8858 IMG_8552 IMG_8555 IMG_8580


5 thoughts on “What a Difference…

  1. Just look at how they’ve grown…in all aspects! It is clear that you all were meant for each other. Love the updates!

  2. Yes, to us each of these grandchildren are miracles–and God blessed us with them even though we are imperfect sinners. How marvelous He is! Thanks for one of the best Easter Weekends ever!

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