Heading East

Towards the end of April, we headed out East to meet more of our family for the first time…G-Ma Ma, G-Pa Pa, Uncle Jake, Great Grandma Lily and more!  We were all excited to be going, but Mommy and Daddy were a little nervous about the long car trip (14 hours each way).  Thankfully, the girls were troopers and although they didn’t sleep much or even really watch that much TV, they still managed to entertain themselves and did really well. When your first “big trip” is Russia, everything else doesn’t seem that bad :)!

We are so blessed that the girls just LOVE going new places, seeing new things and taking in their surroundings every chance they get. Everything is an adventure to them and although it is tiring as their parents sometimes, I love watching the world through their eyes!

When we FINALLY arrived, we were all road weary but the girls were so excited to meet G-Ma Ma and G-Pa Pa! We had a quick dinner and then enjoyed getting some energy out at the park across the street. The next day we enjoyed more time around G-Pa Pa and G-Ma Ma’s house. G-Ma Ma got out some of my baby dolls and toys for the girls to play with and even take home. The girls LOVED playing with these toys and dressing up the dolls in clothes that mommy wore as a baby. Later in the day we had a nice visit in Glen Burnie with Great-Grandma Lily. If you know anything about my Grandma Lily then you know her house is NOT kid proof (think glass and ceramics EVERYwhere). Thankfully, we managed a nice visit with no broken items or injuries. It did help that we went out to eat and spent some time at a park. Grandma Lily just enjoyed watching the girls play and talk.

The next day, G-Pa Pa and Daddy took the girls down to a beach area on the bay and let them run around. The girls loved the Chesapeake Bay and going over the Bay Bridge. We also had a nice lunch at the restaurant Uncle Jake cooks for. The girls were so excited that Uncle Jake made our food! It was very yummy and just a nice lunch with family. That evening, we had more special visitors. My Aunt Ginny and Uncle Eric stopped by on their way back from the beach.

On our final day, we enjoyed another fun morning at home and around the island. The girls LOVED climbing all over G-Pa Pa and I am certain he was worn out for days after we left! It was a quick, but special visit! On our way home, we also made a pit stop in West Virginia and got to meet up with special friends at a park. It really helped break up our trip home.

So happy we are finally here!

So happy we are finally here!

IMG_9091 IMG_9098 IMG_9111 IMG_9122 IMG_9127

Meeting Uncle Jake

Meeting Uncle Jake

IMG_9169 IMG_9173 IMG_9174 IMG_9181

Eating at the Inn where Uncle Jake cooks

Eating at the Inn where Uncle Jake cooks

IMG_9187 IMG_9192 IMG_9194 IMG_9197 IMG_9200 IMG_9203 IMG_9206 IMG_9216 IMG_9235 IMG_9238 IMG_9241

Uncle Eric and Aunt Ginny

Uncle Eric and Aunt Ginny


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