Making the Move

In other news, while we were in Maryland we went under contract for a new house (new to us house). We hadn’t really planned to move this year, but knew that sometime in the future we would like to have a little more room inside our house and outside as well. An interesting house came up on the market that was an ideal location for us – just outside of town. It all happened fast, but we headed back to Newton with a closing date on a hew house! So…that meant that the rest of April/May/June were filled with “house stuff”….getting our old house ready to be put on the market (praise the Lord we had a offer in two days), packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, etc., etc. etc….all with two VERY well meaning little helpers! Oh my…moving with children…enough said.

We closed on our new house…but leading up to that we still had some special events!

Visiting Grandpa and Grandma for an Evening of Camping

The girls and I visited Grandpa and Grandma one evening while they were camping. The girls had so much fun…especially helping Grandpa cook over the fire and eating all the yummy food!

IMG_9279 IMG_9283 IMG_9284 IMG_9285

Daddy’s Birthday

Brett is not super big on celebrating his birthday with a lot of fanfare…but I can’t help but want to celebrate my better half and the girls’ were so excited for Daddy’s special day. To be honest, Lydia did have some ulterior motives…she knew that once Daddy’s birthday was over…her’s was next :)!

Anyway, he worked the morning of his birthday and the girls and I did a little decorating, made lunch and baked a cake. It was a simple, but sweet celebration.

IMG_9288 IMG_9290 IMG_9295 IMG_9300


Lydia lost her 1st and 2nd tooth within a couple weeks of each other. Daddy ended up pulling both of them, but only after they were very lose. Lydia was very brave and enjoyed her visits from the “tooth fairy”! We were in a little bit of shock with the first tooth and not quite ready to have a child old enough to be losing teeth! We found out one night when she was not eating her corn on the cob very well. She LOVES corn on the cob and we kept asking her about it. Finally, Brett asked if she had a lose tooth and the mystery was solved!

So brave!

So brave!


Nora just knew she had loose teeth too ;)!

Nora just knew she had loose teeth too ;)!

First visit from the tooth fairy!

First visit from the tooth fairy!

Celebrating my 1st Mother’s Day

Even typing those words, brings about a lot of emotion. For so long Mother’s Day represented joy and thankfulness for our mothers and grandmothers, BUT also so much pain, longing, awkwardness and overall sadness. To be honest though, when the day finally came, it was nice and simple…just a great day with Brett and our girls. I didn’t feel this huge amount of joy for motherhood. Motherhood is HARD and most days I feel like a failure unless I am constantly resting in God’s grace and wisdom, BUT I did feel a TON of joy and love for our daughters, Lydia and Nora. For so long, the pain was about not being a mother, but the joy this year was not in the role, but rather in the people…the two amazing little people that God has entrusted to Brett and I. We get to experience it all…the great moments, the good moments the everyday moments, the not so great moments and everything else in between. I love those girls so much and I will always remember our first Mother’s Day together.

IMG_9402 IMG_9410 IMG_9416 IMG_9420 IMG_9423 IMG_9426 IMG_9437Afternoon with Madison

The girls enjoyed an afternoon with Madison at our house. They all had so much fun and played together really well!

IMG_9495 IMG_9500 IMG_9502

Biscuit watching the girls play in the yard

Biscuit watching the girls play in the yard


Can you imagine when they are driving real cars and going shopping together?

Can you imagine when they are driving real cars and going shopping together?


One thought on “Making the Move

  1. LOVE all of the updates, stories and pictures. Oh how I miss all of you! Thanks for taking the time to share. Sounds like a fun, eventful Spring and Summer. I don’t know who is more blessed…. you with two sweeties, or them with such wonderful, loving parents. Love and Hugs to all of you!!

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