May 30th

As God says in Ecclesiastes…there is a time for all seasons, “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…” May 30th was almost a season in itself. So many major life events in one little day. My Grandpa Weber passed away early in the morning. We celebrated Lydia’s 5th birthday. We closed on our new house. The day went by in a blur. Tears were shed, papers were signed and joy and laughter filled our home and hearts.

My Grandpa Weber really was larger-than-life. He worked hard and enjoyed life…mostly enjoyed his family. I am so blessed to have had him in my life and so thankful that the girls got to know him too. This is the last picture I took of him with our girls. We saw him after this time, but just didn’t get pictures. He is so dearly missed.

IMG_8456Around mid-day Brett and I signed the papers to our new home. A new chapter for our family. We were officially moving to the country!

Our Lydia turned FIVE years old…yet celebrated her first birthday as Lydia Lessley – our daughter. She waited so long for her birthday…counting down the months, weeks and days. When the morning finally arrived, she woke up and said “You mean today is the day, I am five already.” It seemed surreal to her and us as well. She was all smilles, all day. Lydia often has a smile on her face…but her smiles this day were different. Brett and I both noticed. She felt special, celebrated and beautiful. In the evening, we headed out to the new house and the girls had so much fun running around and checking out all the nooks and crannies. We ordered pizza and celebrated later with ice cream cake. Grandpa and Grandma came over later to help celebrate as well. On Lydia’s 4th birthday I made brownies and thought and prayed for her all day…not knowing if she was being celebrated at all. This year was different, yet normal…what a child’s birthday should be. Enough words…here are some pics…

IMG_9555 IMG_9559 IMG_9566 IMG_9567 IMG_9579 IMG_9596 IMG_9601 IMG_9618 IMG_9621 IMG_9623 IMG_9627 IMG_9633 IMG_9650


One thought on “May 30th

  1. I had a few free minutes and thought I’d catch up on the Lessley news. First, I have to say that I LOVE Nora’s “picture smile”! She shows those beautiful teeth with such enthusiasm! 🙂 The girls are growing so fast. Their eyes are bright, and their faces are full of joy. Lydia is beaming in the birthday photos. It’s such a blessing that you can give her a “normal” birthday with her family.

    I’m glad the move went well, and you are settling into your new country life. You guys look like you’re fresh from Country Living magazine. Blessings on you all!

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