The Countdown

We have been home one week today! I am sorry for the lack of posts. After our last trip, we both jumped back into life and a busy…but good week!

We have been greeted by congratulations, big hugs and smile after smile this week! To see so many people share in our joy and God’s gifts to our family has been amazing! To be this close to finally having our girls home is amazing. We continue to pray though and I don’t think we will feel complete peace until we land in the USA with our daughters in tow. I miss them so much. I can’t wait to hold them, teach them and show them my love everyday. We have told our girls that we love them and they call us mom and dad in Russian, but we are very aware that love and being their parents is not something they can understand. They need us to demonstrate our love daily in their lives and they need us to live out being their parents. Anyway…all back to the point of my post…our COUNTDOWN!

We got our official travel schedule so now we are working on another business VISA (we used up our dual entry business visa on our last unplanned trip) and tickets!

Here is our tentative schedule:

August 11 – leave US, arrive in Moscow on August 12 (early)
August 12 – leave Moscow and on August 12 (evening) – arrive in Kaliningrad

August 13 – visit the girls at the orphanage one last time before “picking them up”

August 14 – pick up girls, pick up their birth certificates and adoption certificates

August 15 – pick up girls’ passports

August 15 (evening) – leave Kaliningrad, arrive in Moscow

August 16 – medical for the girls, submit documents to the US Embassy

August 17 – US Embassy interview

August 18 – leave Moscow, arrive in US

So…August 18th…two months after the really, hard and devastating day in court and we will be home with our girls! We continue to praise God!


14 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. Yes, yes. The Lord will complete His work and a month from now you will all wake up in the same loving home! Watch out Biscuit! Love you.

  2. So, “gotcha day” is August 14! We are so excited and will continue to pray that all the details will be worked out and you will have smooth, safe travels to and from and that the girls will travel and transition with no problems whatsoever! Love to you all!

  3. So happy for you and your family! Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us at camp this week. You continue to make a tremendous impact on many people!

  4. I can’t read your posts without getting emotional. I can’t wait for you to get back with your girls!!!

  5. Soo excited for you guys that your trip is almost here. Best of Luck for a safe & smooth trip! We can’t wait to meet those two very special girls. Love you guys!! Brandon, Tara & Madison

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